UCD RoseHaven Chica de La Brise HIC/PSCA CD/ASCA CDX/CGC

Little 14-1/2 inch tall Chica lives in CT with Marilyn Abbett, owner/trainer of Ziti, the top Italian Greyhound in Obedience. Chica has set out to follow in Ziti's pawprints (when she's not busy making new friends at shows or chasing the horse). They winter in AZ where Marilyn put Chica in an ASCA trial just for fun and got her first leg! She soon finished the ASCA CD & while she was at it, Marilyn came back East & put her in the National.

Chica took her PSCA first leg by winning High in Trial at the 2002 National Specialty!!!  She earned her second leg & another HIT the next day! The following month she took High in Trial in both shows at the Ohio Regional to finish the PSCA CD!

Next, Chica took UKC obedience by storm, winning back to back HITs over the "traditional" obedience breeds.

Just shy of age 2, Chica debuted in the Open ring & finished her CDX in 3 straight shows, winning back to back HITs at the ASCA shows in AZ, Jan 2003!

Way to go Chica & Marilyn!

We can't wait to see what they do next!
Chica & her sister Evita check out the Teeter Totter (age 6 weeks)
3 months
4 months
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HIT at the PSCA National Specialty, 2002